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Custom Creations Photography offers custom photo sessions that are tailored to your needs and wants! Custom photography is a gift that last a lifetime and turns moments into memories! Each and every family has their own story and I strive to capture those stories, emotions and connections with creativity and originality. Every photo session is designed with you and your family in mind. Hours of preparation goes into each photo before, during and after your session. I give my all and pay close attention to details to give you the best quality service and products I possibly can.

Thank you for allowing me to tell your story!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Cynthia's Maternity pictures
(These are just a few pictures, I have lots more!)

 She is such a beautiful young lady

 Perfect baby belly

 Baby Joseph is such a lucky boy to have such wonderful parents who love him so very much.

Congragulations Cynthia and Isaac

Levi's senior pictures

Had a lot of fun doing this Senior session. 
The day way almost perfect, sun was blinding.

 This picture (below) has to be my favorite of all, and He definitely loves his truck.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Preston's tough man session

I just loved photographing this one, he was up for anything and
 he put his little personality into it also

Had to get a close up, to show his sweeter side and not his punk side

He had fun looking like a big bad bully 

Black and white just has that effect, he thinks he looks cool 

Yeah the hood stayed up for most of the shots, He said it was cool 

Oh yeah and the hood comes off, look at him trying to be slick 

and we had to have some fun... right 

Mister cool cat, I really enjoyed photographing him we both had a blast
Hope you enjoyed looking at his creative bad boy side

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Olivia Act

The Olivia Act named after one of the children killed in Newtown, Ct., was started by a photographer who wishes to remain anonymous. Olivia’s family had family pictures taken a short time before she was killed. Those pictures are precious and now priceless to them. Upon hearing this, this photographer was moved to give away a 30 minute family photo shoot and has challenged other photographers to do the same. We go about our daily lives and sometimes we don’t take the time or have the resources to have family photos taken.

I will be taking nominations for a family who you think would appreciate this gift. This session will take place after the New Year. I will be taking Nominations
until January 1, 2013 . Please email their name, contact information and a brief summary of why you chose them to CustomCreationsPhotography@gmail.com and put "THE OLIVIA ACT NOMINATION" in the subject line. The chosen family will be contacted via email, so please include their contact information with the nomination. Please do not post their information here. The gift is a session and a collection of digital portraits, so they may have priceless keepsakes to adorn their home. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

The TRUTH...

I’m about to let out the secret world of running a photography business, successful or not. This is not a complaint, but rather my personal thoughts and the thoughts of other professional photographers out there. It’s the why and how of what I do and I am not alone.
For a little background I left my full time job to devote everything to my business I am now a full time mother of 3 and full time college student, the last few months I have really put my Photography business on hold for my schooling because I am almost done with school. But as soon as I’m finished with school I will go back to devoting  my everything to my business after all  I’m going to school for Business management and Accounting, so that will come in handy.

When I left my job to go full time with photography, I was so excited! I didn't know about all the expenses and the time that went into each session or wedding. Ignorance was bliss. Once I started realizing that I was spending more than I was making for two years, I had to increase my prices. Guess what? That wasn't well received. With digital photography, everyone and their uncle is now a photographer and offering $50 sessions with a disc. I will admit that I once priced my sessions that way too, but I learned later on that there is no profit in that.
If you are skeptical and think snapping some pics & delivering a disc of images for $50 bucks is a darn great job, then I’d like you to consider what it takes to run a photography business. These are rounded numbers of my personal expenses and other professional photographers since being in business – no holding back, now you know:
This is want a professional has or should have
2 professional camera bodies (pros have to have at least one backup) | $2,600 each x 2 = $5,200- I only have one but will soon have another
2 external flashes | $500 each x 2 = $1,000
4 professional lenses (all for different looks) | $6,700
UV filters to protect said lenses | $100 each x 4 = $400
Desktop computer for editing | $1,200
Laptop computer for remote business use/editing | $1000
Protection plan for computer | $300
External hard drives to keep your images safe | at least 1 per year at $100 each
Camera strap | $125
Business license | $50 annually
Business liability insurance | $295 per year
Professional Photography Memberships | $40 per month
Studio Management Software | $40 per month
Website hosting | $6 per month
Website setup | $300
Logo design & branding | $1,000 (that is on the low end)
Rolling camera bag | $400
Lens bag | $200
Photoshop | $700
Lightroom editing software | $300
Studio lighting setup  | $1,500
Continuing education to make me a better photographer | $2,000 annually
Memory cards | $400
Miscellaneous expenses:
Gas, car care, merchant fees, professional clothing, gadgets I've bought and then sold and lost money, networking events, advertising
Total = $35,000+ (YES, THOUSAND)
 Let me pause for a second while you digest that.
Most professionals spend more on their business than what they took home when working a full time job. I know I am definitely  in that category.
I tread water to do this because I get joy out of it. Otherwise, no one in their right mind would spend that much money (and time!) on something they kind of liked, right? My pursuit is to make a living from this hobby-turned-profession that I love, but I can’t do that – and no freelance photographer can – if we don’t price ourselves accordingly.
One might say, “Well, Walmart only charges $7 for a package and prints and Sears only charges me $50 for a sitting and a print package…” They can because they spend such little time with you. They photograph you for 15 minutes, don’t do any retouching (unless you pay extra), make you pick your prints right there and send you on your way. Every one of my sessions is customized. We select the time & place, we discuss it, I drive there and back, I wait patiently if a client is running late, I go back home and select the best images, I retouch the best images, present them to the client, I prepare images for ordering and ship them.
On top of that, I don’t have a big advertising budget, so I spend additional hours promoting myself on my blog and Facebook. I have to come up with promotions and read marketing books and blogs to help me figure it all out and of course my schooling helps with that.
Description: http://blog.hayleyjuliet.com/wp-content/themes/prophoto4/images/blank.gif
As for that $50 per session with a disc that everyone and their uncle is offering: When you do the math, I’d have to shoot 600 – SIX HUNDRED – sessions just to break even with my expenses to date. And guess what? If I’m running a legal business, I would have to pay Uncle Sam about 1/3 of that. So, actually, I’d need to shoot about NINE HUNDRED sessions at $50 each to break even.
Do you want to know what costs me the least? You’re right – the disc. The prints and the disc cost very little, comparatively. I don’t have to tell you that because you know that Walgreen's offers 19 cent prints (even though I use a professional service) and Wal-Mart offers 25 cds for Around $20.00. But here’s the thing…
I've told you about all of my expenses. What I didn't tell you about was all the time that goes into creating these images.
Factor in the blood, sweat and tears. I’m not being dramatic.
At the end of a wedding, I've carried around 15+ pounds of gear for at least 8 hours. I've sweated out so much water that I’ll be dehydrated for days, and I've hardly been fed. Perhaps I got one bathroom break. My feet, legs and back are killing me. Chances are, I was wearing black and it was also 90 degrees outside. I may have to lean against a prickly thorn bush or lay on the ground in an ant pile to get the perfect shot of the bridal shoes and now I’m bleeding from the scratching. I may even cry because I’m so tired, my workload is backing up and I had to miss my favorite band in concert.
I LOVE THIS I wouldn't put myself through all this and then spend an additional 20 or so hours sitting in front of the computer late into the night, answering emails, meeting clients for coffee down town, or spending an entire Saturday away from my family.
I also spend thousands of dollars learning from the best of the best photographers so I can make my clients look amazing and learn how to adjust to harsh lighting conditions. So, when I work hard and pay a lot to become the best photographer I can be, please know it’s because I love it and I can’t afford to put all that time and effort in and shoot weddings for $200 including an album and an engagement session. I cut my self just shooting weddings for the price that I do charge.
Aside from expenses, I spend hours each day pouring over forums, watching webinars, reading, researching and shooting to further my artistry. I have a commitment to this craft and I always want to be better. It has taken years and probably thousands of hours to arrive to the place I’m at now.
I not only want to be able to make a profit now, but be able to afford children and save for their college as well as pay off my own student loans. I have no 401k and I may have to have a second job to have health insurance.
Digital photography isn't free.
We, as photographers, aren't being greedy. We want to make a profit like anyone else.
The next time you admire a photographer’s work, please remember that it took a lot more than a nice camera and a sunny day to produce that image.
Please give credit to the photographer when you share their image online because it helps them get more business.
We are artists. We love our craft. And we want to stay in business for a long time.
Let’s build a community of respect and appreciation for the ones that get dirty, sweaty and shoot their hearts out.

Sincerely always,
Custom Creations Photography 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just a friendly tip

To everyone planing a wedding... If you hire a photographer to do your engagement photos you should have the same photographer do your wedding photos, if you like the work they do that is. The reason for this is simple ... 1st that's how it usually goes, you pick one you like and stick with them, 2nd they automatically assume that they will do your wedding since you chose them for your engagement session, to a photographer its more than just capturing that special moment for you its about getting to know you and what you like and 3rd and most important they have gotten to know you and your style and how the flow of the wedding pictures will go based on the engagement session, that session is just a practice window for your special day. When you go and Hire a different Photographer to to the wedding it puts that new photographer in a little confusion because they don't know your style or how up for new things you might me, 
or what your attitude is on trying new things. 
Here is a Tip for you if you are hiring a different photographer for your wedding than the one who did your engagement session... 
You should schedule a mini photo session to see if you like there style and so they can get to know yours. 

Just a friendly tip from a friendly photographer

            Custom Creations Photography

Monday, October 22, 2012

Think about it...

So here is something to think about... How much does it cost to get your hair done? You know when you go get it cut, colored or whatever you get done to it your spending a pretty penny. Your hair is only guaranteed to last what like 8 months to 1 year...
Well when you get your family pictures, wedding, engagement or 
any other pictures you get done, those are memories that will last a lifetime. 
I am not here to sell you quantity or be the cheapest in town. Would you rather someone take time and pride in what they do and give you the price its worth or would you rather someone do a crappy job and give you a good deal on your photo session, and you will have to live with those photos forever and later you will wish you went with the professional photographer who's price was a little more but quality was better...
I sell quality not quantity, I take pride in my work and 
I try to customize everything I do to fit your needs. 
So the next time you look at someones prices think about that its not about being the cheapest... 
Do you like the work of the photographer you are looking into if so that is what is important not how much it will cost you.

Just a friendly reminder from your friend at;

Custom Creations Photography